We can help you better understand your audiences and how they perceive your business.

We can help you build on this knowledge to develop an authentic and true brand promise and we can translate this into a compelling sense of identity for the business as a whole.

We can then use the insights gathered to also shape your website, so that it becomes a more useful service for the company and its customers (including potential recruits) by enabling it to become a valuable revenue stream and genuinely position the business as a thought leader.

Obviously we can scale our approach to suit your budget. And if you aren’t sure what the budget should be, then we can help you decide by looking at what is important for the business just now versus how to equip the internal resources to manage the brand going forward.

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Typical projects might include

  • How to tell your story – the big idea
  • Situation analysis (gathering business, market and customer insights)
  • Both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Brand audits – various types
  • Market trends and competitor analysis
  • Strategic maps and brand models
  • Digital Transformation (planning)
  • Product /service innovation
  • User experience, scenario definition and customer journey mapping
  • Next steps – writing the briefs

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