Your brand story can be developed in a multitude of different ways.

We can help you decide where and when to focus on each, to help you maximise your budget and achieve your primary business objectives. Done correctly, your business will engage on a more personal level with your audiences, helping them become raving fans.

It is our view that marketing is a sub-set of brand. While business and brand strategy clearly drive top-level strategic business change, we think of marketing as being a toolbox of different tactical activities to implement the strategy.

In this way ‘brand’ has a central value to the absolute marketing mix to help;

  • Improve understanding of what you do
  • Preserve integrity and retain goodwill and respect
  • Influence awareness and drive usage of products and/or services.

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Typical projects might include

  • Marketing and communication planning
  • Digital search, PPC and content marketing
  • Website and E-commerce design and build services
  • Event planning and staging
  • Product /service design and development
  • Environmental, architectural design services
  • Interior and exterior, design services
  • Retail, Point of Sale, Packaging related services
  • Literature, POS and signage systems
  • Annual report and other corporate literature

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