Radnor Bridge video

We have released a Radnor Bridge video, in support of our work as founders of this big idea.

This Radnor Bridge video demonstrates an important circular route the bridge will enable. In so doing, we trust it will help people understand how this vital piece of ‘Active Travel’ infrastructure (for London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames) will serve the public by opening up enjoyment of the surrounding area.

A quick reminder

The Radnor Bridge could provide much needed Active Travel connectivity between Ham and Twickenham. It will reduce the need for people to travel between the two places via Richmond and Kingston Bridges, releasing pressure on roads. As a Pedestrian and Cycle bridge it fits in with the Council’s strategy of encouraging healthy, sustainable means of transport. It will provide access to Strawberry Hill train station for residents of Ham, who currently have no train station nearby. The Radnor Bridge will also bring a number of schools and colleges within easy reach of people living on opposite sides of the river and has much to commend it architecturally.

WSP reports and next stages

In 2018 the council invited consultants WSP to run a feasibility study on the idea of a bridge to connect Twickenham and Ham. You can find a PDF of this feasibility study here. It is a comprehensive report and includes a broad range of additional proposed transport infrastructure ideas for West London.

At the end of 2018 (and running in to the beginning of 2019) the Council invited the public to share its thoughts on the feasibility study. A simple research survey, with standard questions, was put to interested parties. The results of this are available and can now also be found in this feedback document here. There were 1000’ish responses (very good for this sort of thing), 80% positive (again excellent) with two bridges coming out as most popular. The Radnor Bridge being one of these.

Caroline Valerie Pidgeon MBE put a question in 2018 to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. She asked whether TfL officers would provide professional and technical support if LBRuT want to proceed with a bridge. She was assured that this would be available, if requested.

The Radnor Bridge team presented to the LBRuT Air Quality Services Committee meeting on the 21st October 2019 and received a positive response. We are now pushing for the Council to clarify its next steps towards constructing a bridge. We expect this should be to commission a follow-up report on the viability of a bridge crossing.

Step by step we will get there.

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