The ‘Transition’ of North Star ‘Collective’

North Star Collective became North Star Transition in June 2020.

This came about when our long standing client Fronesys gave rise to a new brand. We were careful to remain true to our original design, which had only been released two months earlier (in April). The original name celebrated the ‘collective’ work of the people and companies who had gathered to help make this initiative a reality. However, post release there was a change of heart. And it was quickly felt the name needed to reflect the incredible work being done; Driving collaborative teams to seek tipping change opportunities.

Since then, we have also been working on a new website for the business. This will go live in August.

About North Star Transition

North Star Transition is a collaboration platform. It is designed to accelerate systemic change. This is to respond efficiently to humankind’s climate, biodiversity loss and social crises. The idea is born out of a recognition that we (Humankind) are on course to use up the carbon budget, that will restrict global heating to 1.5C, by 2030.  We have just 3500 days left (and counting). Or we are facing a deeply risky, uncomfortable and inhospitable future.

Sadly our inter-connected relationships around the world mean no intervention in any one sector can have the necessary effect. We need to drive system-wide directional change. Therefore, the objective is to co-create the dynamics of change that enhance the chances of an orderly transition to a new system. North Star Transition is a new type of business, seeking to play a vital role as a catalyst, enabling others to imagine a more resilient, safer and happier future – a new North Star.

These North Star points are described as ‘tipping change’. And, in order to have this desired maximal impact there is a need to get participants from multiple sub-systems to collaborate. Only by cooperating on transformative actions and scaling up their transformations, can we effect the necessary systemic change.

What Else Needs To Be Done

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