Nexant unveils NexantThinking™

For the last few months we have been working with Nexant, to create Nexant Thinking. The company is a global energy and consulting business based in San Francisco. We were initially engaged by their ChemSystems office based in London. Previously owned by IBM, ChemSystems had been sold to Nexant. Our primary task was to help this team (one of Nexant’s three business units) to better understand its role within the wider group and on the global stage which it serves.

We have carried out both qualitative and quantitative research to provide the necessary insights, which led to the business adopting the new name of “Nexant Thinking”. This is now being applied to the company’s online portal for product delivery. The aim is to reinforce the message that their customers subscribe to their Thinking. You can read their press release about it here. Or visit the case study here

nexant thinking

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