Neil Humphrey, Brand Gladiator Podcast

Last week Neil Humphrey [a.k.a The Brand Gladiator] and Mark Wing enjoyed an informal chat about creating an authentic Brand Experience, which Neil recorded for one of his Podcast releases… Here’s the link.

Put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy.

The discussion covers everything from Mark’s work on high profile global identity projects and what it takes to ensure that business owners communicate their story visually in a way that is both personable and unique.

The two discuss their preferred definition of brand and how this relates to the process of creating an authentic brand experience? They also explore the relationship between brand strategy and business strategy and the importance of clarity around your core purpose, since this is an essential ingredient to making your brand story personal?

Mark also shared Martin Lindstrome’s concept of “smashing your brand”. Using the example of the distinctive design of the Coca-Cola bottle in which the brand message remains evident in even the smallest part if smashed.

There were also a few amusing ‘true’ stories shared, inspired by Neil’s business proposition, which is built around the concept of the ‘Brand Gladiator’.

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