London FAST becomes Inoculum

We have recently renamed a small self-defence training company owned by Colin O’Connor. This month his business, previously known as London FAST becomes Inoculum.

We have been helping a small self-defense company develop clarity around their value proposition. They work for charities and  organisations like the FCO, who’s staff often find themselves in hostile environments. The business was/is known as London Fast. However, due to changes in their market place they needed to rebrand and we have renamed them Inoculum. The new name communicates the primary output from their training, which is like an inoculation against dangerous situations.

What’s the worst that could happen? We have been on the training and it is impressive, very physical and highly adrenalised. To say it is exciting would be an understatement. A genuine team bonding experience is closer to the truth. We feel ready for anything now.

A new website is under construction and can be found here;


Inoculum image for news release

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