Key Marketing Trends for 2020

Are you fascinated by Key Marketing Trends for 2020? Do you enjoy 20 20 vision? A key trend for a successful B2B marketing strategy in 2020 that has been brought to our attention is this;

B2B organisations now need to create an experience that not only gets the attention of the decision-makers – but also moves the potential purchasers through the entire buying journey to the sale.

At Interrelated we help our clients create, manage and deliver strength in brand image and culture. The digital environment is an increasingly important one to manage correctly, especially since the customer journey often starts on-line.

Five Key Marketing Trends for 2020, as we enter this new decade, are as follows;

  1. Increased Spend on Video Marketing – Video is fast becoming the go-to marketing tool to reach B2B consumers. Already an important part of digital marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns, more than 50 per cent of consumers now prefer video content over other forms of content like emails, social, and blogs.
  2. Smarter Use of PPC – Today, paid search ads have been shown to increase brand awareness by a huge 80 per cent, but there’s one problem: the cost. Our online Ad experts continue to stay one step ahead by managing each client PPC campaign manually – adapting and changing bidding strategies for maximum client ROI.
  3. Optimised SEO – There will always be a need for SEO. In fact, 93 per cent of all online experiences still begin with a search engine, with >67k searches performed online every second. This means it’s all the more vital that your website’s SEO is kept up to date. We then advise adapting your B2B SEO strategy to focus more on your customers’ desired experience, such as; mobile-first indexing, site speed, content, links, video, and voice search.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience – Nearly 89 per cent of B2B buyers carry out online research during the buying process. It is therefore vital that a company website delivers a ‘sticky’ experience; converting leads into sales. Easy-to-navigate sites, helpful content, and the use of AI (such as chatbots to offer additional support and minimise wait times) will be key in 2020.
  5. Face-to-Face Events – ‘in-person’ B2B events are back on the up and this resurgence is only set to get bigger in 2020. In a highly digitised world, face-to-face events are providing the perfect platform for personalised interactions that help humanise a brand and give potential buyers a fully immersive experience. Many of our clients (mostly B2B organisations) are increasingly leveraging the lead-generating power of shows, exhibitions and conferences.

Of course these are just a few of the key trends that will make a huge impact on B2B marketing strategies. Ask us today how these, or some other initiative perhaps, may benefit your objectives in 2020.

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