Introducing Erica

Introducing Erica; the new digital product/service brand from IDE Systems.

Interrelated was asked to develop a name and brand identity for a software solution the company has developed to help ‘push distribution centre stage’. The software helps customers better understand how their temporary power solutions are being deployed and where the need to focus their distribution of power in order to ensure maximum efficiencies. A vital ‘green’ initiative from IDE Systems, at a time when we are all becoming concerned about the global climate emergency the world is facing.

Erica was selected from a strong line of possible contenders.

The project was completed in Autumn 2019. However, the final decision was delayed because two strong contenders were nominated. Very different from each other, the two routes expressed between them both of the strategic objectives of the IDE brand; (1) introducing ERICA [obj: external brand engagement] and (2) ONE>ZERO [obj: internal/employee brand engagement].

Erica was chosen as the name and identity of IDE’s new digital offering in January 2020. It was agreed that this name (and the visual translation of this) best expressed the characteristics of IDE Systems, in terms of ‘being on your side’ and getting alongside customers with best advice and solutions.

Introducing One>Zero

Our client did not feel comfortable letting go of the work completed on the other route. This had the name ONE>ZERO. We too would have been sorry to see this work disappear in vain.

Therefore in January 2020 the decision was made to also keep the ONE>ZERO name. The objective will be to develop it within the business as an IDE employee brand communication initiative. In this way it will help drive a culture of taking one step at a time toward zero waste; a culture of realising greater efficiency in all the company does. And especially in terms of the distribution and deployment of temporary power.

There is more work to be done developing this idea further, so watch this space.


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