Inside out branding

We understand brand is about the whole business & that successful change only comes by looking holistically.

Building a strong and compelling brand requires much more from the company than a mere marketing exercise. Instead it requires the whole business to be authentic, true to itself.

If a brand is a promise and a strong performing brand is one that is delivering the promise across every touch point, then it is not good enough to simply know what the promise is. The whole company, from the way it operates to the people it employs, should be involved and engaged in delivering a consistent brand story.

At Interrelated we help businesses develop clear brand models to drive a compelling brand story. It is this ability, to build a powerful blueprint to underpin the very foundation of the brand, which brings it alive for everyone concerned. Once your people get engaged behind the business goals a more effective value proposition can be delivered and improvements in customer satisfaction will naturally follow. This is why we say truly effective brands are grown from the inside out.

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