Brand new IDE shows off at Showman’s Show

This week IDE Systems showed off its new brand identity (designed by Interrelated). They did so at The Showman’s Show 2018, held at the Newbury show ground in Berkshire. Their own website announcement can be found on this blog. And includes an animation short we created to help promote the new ‘smart’ product (still in prototype form) due to be formally launched in 2019.

The Group Sales Director at IDE, said the following; “The new branding marks the start of a new exciting era in the life of our company. We continue to push the four key service areas of the business, which include: sales, rental, support, design & build, and can work in partnership with you to make the very most of your power distribution assets.

IDE’s new brand represents a thorough rethink into the business and its future as a key player in the temporary power distribution space. Our strategic work explored everything from vision and values to delivering culture change and the redesign of all touch points. In this way we designed the brand for both the physical and online environments.

This work for IDE represents a great example of how Interrelated can help its clients grow ‘Strength in Image and Culture’. With this in mind, our re-brand work aims to create value for the IDE business going forward; By helping them define and work toward a new mission, which is: “Pushing Distribution Centre Stage.”

The employee response to this is “bring it on”. This catchy phrase is therefore being used on internal communications. However, it does appears occasionally (subtly) in some public environments. Such as on the side of new vehicle livery.

Our photographer, Simon Jarratt, was there to grab pictures of the new vehicle livery. He also caught the general busyness on the IDE exhibition stand. And the growing interest in IDE’s new SMART temporary power offering. …More of this to come in the coming months.

Showman's Show 18
Queuing to get in
Simon at work, taking pictures of the new IDE vehicle livery. 
A successful application of the new IDE ‘Distro Pattern’
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