Global Sharing Week

Today’s consumers are ready to share a lot of things rather than own them outright. Companies that have benefited from this new sharing mentality include Airbnb, Uber and Lyft. This week we were invited to attend the launch of Global Sharing Week: Helping Millions to Discover the Sharing Economy, which was hosted by Lord Stone and held at The House of Lords, by the River Thames.

Global Sharing Week 2015 will take place the week of 7-13th June. It will be the biggest sharing event in the world ever that will touch all corners of the globe!

Their website says this about it; “Global Sharing Week (GSW) is the world’s largest people-driven campaign raising public awareness to the rapidly growing Sharing Economy. GSW raises the profile of over 8000 sharing services around the world to show people, communities and business how embracing the sharing economy is a fun and easy way to connect to each other, manage resources more efficiently, while at the same time getting greater value for money.”









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