Stuart Harris

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Stuart Harris is a highly respected thought leader, coach, writer, polyglot linguist, runner, samba drummer, Systema student, ECM lover…  In 2016 he asked us to help him develop his brand identity, while at the same time he explored, at a much deeper level, his skills as a ‘facilitator’ who embraces #Embodiment.

Following a series of moderated discussions, with Stuart and his clients, we facilitated a creative workshop designed to uncover the critical things that he values highest. The feedback we received the following day was; “Many thanks for an ‘Aha!ful’ session. I most definitely feel that I not only know what my thing is, but also that it’s a good thing”

Stuart’s visual identity focuses more on his personal signature than on a corporate logo for one of his various companies. This helps to ensure his marketing promotes the person, building on and sustaining his already strong personal reputation in the marketplace. For fun, and perhaps a spot of uniqueness, Stuart owns the Twitter handle @Stuarte in which he spells his name with an ‘e’ at the end. This has therefore become the cornerstone of his identity – and his website url – Supported by many statements and words written to help express his manner of listening and thinking.


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