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We were asked to create a brand strategy, name and visual identity for a global start-up in the SMS telecoms sector. Our work helped to stimulate rapid take-up of the service and an increase in investor interest. The business is now recognised in the mobile telecoms sector, with keen interest in its offering being noted from several of the major telecoms players. The company has experienced a growing interest in the Far East, specifically China, where government backed organisations have identified that the service works well as a communications tool in large conferences and events.

Luke Glen, the founder and CEO said; “As a start-up, I knew Branding would be important, but didn’t know what to do. Interrelated took a personal interest in our venture and educated me on a Brand Roadmap necessary for our growth. It wasn’t just the image of our company through a Logo, but a thread that we should weave through all our communications …I receive many compliments on our branding; creating a great first impression.”

Creative, Start Up Businesses, Strategy

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