Sonatest Veo

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Sonatest is the world’s leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic Testing Equipment. We were asked to create a name, value proposition and to help launch their new breakthrough industrial scanning product.

We worked with the client team and their product designers to develop a proposition that reflects the quality and unique ergonomic standards of the design being developed. …Because of the higher standard of design thinking that was being applied we found ourselves asking the question “why isn’t all Phased Array made this well?” and this became the foundation for the proposition.

We named the product “Veo” and created an identity to which we linked a strap line “Now you see it” (which was a pun on the product’s unique benefits and the eager anticipation the market place had for this product’s arrival). We also developed an animation to run on the screen, while the machine boots up.

The MD of Sonatest said that our input was “vital to the successful product launch, realising almost 5 times more sales than were expected within the first month of sales.”

Creative, Strategy

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