Radnor Bridge

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Interrelated has teamed up with McDaniel Wolff for a fun environmental project of our own called Radnor Bridge.

It is our opinion that brands are the bridges in our world that connect ideas with users to stimulate value for all. In the same way, our aim is to connect two communities within Richmond Borough, separated by 90m of the River Thames. This Radnor Bridge video helps illustrate why it is of interest to people on both sides of the river. We trust it will become a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Radnor Bridge gets its name from Radnor Gardens on the Strawberry Hill side, into which it lands and will also pay careful homage to the landscaping strategy on both sides of the river. In 2018 Twickerati increased its interest with this article about the possibility of seeing a bridge between Twickenham and Ham becoming a reality.

In our opinion, no other proposed bridge in this area is as strategically well located. That is why we presented a paper about our ambitions during Footbridge 2014 at Imperial College London. See the separate blog here. …Hopefully one more step toward realising the big dream.

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