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We helped to develop a revised communication strategy for NHS Direct. We did so in collaboration with Thompson Design, with whom we won a 4-way COI pitch to define a brand positioning to inspire the wider NHS team.

We began by developing a new bespoke brand model with a clearly defined vision and set of unique values. The output of this work was then shared with key staff in a workshop environment to test the thinking and begin the dissemination of the big idea – which we had managed to reduce to the single word; Omnipresent.

This was then captured in the visual metaphor of an NHS blue balloon carrying the words “We’re here” in a new, refreshed, typographic style. This visual idea was quickly picked up as an advertising campaign which ran in carefully selected magazines and located posters.

NHS Direct claimed that the thoroughness of the strategic approach made obtaining stakeholder buy-in much easier than had been anticipated.


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