Nexant Thinking

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Formerly known as ChemSystems, our client operated a successful consulting offer to the Petrochemical industry since 1960 but along the way ChemSystems lost its sense of identity. Perhaps because it was acquired by IBM in the 1990’s and after 10 years was sold to Nexant and now sits as a business unit within one of the three divisions in this Group.

Interrelated was invited to re-define the value proposition, the product and service brand architecture and how the business should refer to itself as part of Nexant Group. We reported directly to the three Senior VPs (global regions – East, Middle and West). We carried out a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research to gather insights, which informed draft propositions. These were tested on a number of different employee groups in London, New York and Bangkok. We then created the unique and differentiating value proposition of “subscribe to Nexant Thinking”, which gave rise to a new name and brand architecture. It also helped to clarify how the global consulting team fitted as a business unit within the Nexant Group.


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