Healthy Incentives

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Healthy Incentives has a vision to become a world leader in the design, operation and optimisation of primary and secondary healthcare intervention programmes that demonstrably improve health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and thereby lower long-term healthcare costs.

The business targets both healthcare professionals and the public, aiming to encourage greater engagement in managing their own health and thus transforming their relationship with healthcare from ‘consumer’ to ‘partner’.

We won the pitch to help the business develop its brand identity, wider look & feel and develop guidelines to ensure the internal marketing team could operate independently.

Our design is simple and appropriate for the Healthcare profession. The logo incorporates two chevrons facing each other and these also underpin the style of the wider visual language. The left chevron always focuses on the health message, always sits in front, and addresses the potential member. By contrast, the right chevron uses imagery or language to deliver the ‘incentive’ content.

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