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In September 2011, GPE completed the purchase of a site in the core of London’s West End – between Rathbone Place, W1 and Newman Street, W1 – from the Royal Mail Group (RMG). The site is 50 yards north of Oxford Street and close to Tottenham Court Road Crossrail station. Arguably in innermost London.

After years of being an industrial site and private car park Make Architects, who worked on the development, saw the importance of the site being reclaimed for public use. Their aim was to genuinely ‘stitch’ the site back into the fabric of Fitsrovia, as if it had always been that way. The design promised a new, secluded, public garden while also re-connecting the “side-street-shuffle” used to avoid busy Oxford Street by those in the know.

Our role was to provide qualitative research to shape the value proposition and inform the labeling of streets and passageways as well as the sales and marketing messages.

Creative, Strategy

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