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Fronesys is a global partnership of associates established to help cities and companies deliver integrated thinking. Their way of working is defined by four values; (1) think holistically (2) build capital (3) value relationships (4) co-create together.

We first worked with Fronesys as a fledgling business, when we were asked by the founder to develop the Logotype artwork for his company. Then, in 2017, he invited us to update the company’s website, which currently existed as a¬†utilitarian ‘blog-site’. We chose to build the new site using the easy to manage Divi-WordPress template. This would allow them to freely continue developing content without the continued need for outside assistance. We updated the visual style (imagery and typography) for the Fronesys brand and transferred multiple pages of thought leadership content from the existing blog site. We then trained the team on using their new WordPress tool before launching the new website.

As part of this process we also created a product identity for their popular ‘Urban Business Labs’ training programme for city entrepreneurs.


Creative, Start Up Businesses

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