First Protocol

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We worked closely with the founder members of this event management company, to help them clarify their evolving brand story. The business had grown out of the hospitality space and was starting to serve bigger blue chip clients (such as BT, VISA and Barclays). With this success was coming the opportunity to offer a broader range of event delivery products and it was therefore important for the company to shape its vision and business purpose more carefully.

Our work with First Protocol lasted the best part of a year and was mainly focused on proposition and business development including culture change and employee engagement. One output was a refreshed brand identity, as captured though the guidelines shown here. Also, during our tenure with the management team, we helped the Managing Director identify new, more suitable, premises while also acquire a partner business located across the Atlantic in New York.

First Protocol has recently gone through another brand change, which is a symptom of a fast growing company. It is now simply called ‘First’.


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