BT Firstcall

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We helped HR at BT create an internal service brand for the team managing the company’s upsizing & downsizing. The primary objective was to dispel any negative stigma associated with this subject while driving a positive change in attitude. Encouraging a far more personal and relevant approach to career management. After agreeing a vision and set of brand values we created a compelling story based around “Life Design” and everyone’s need for Lifelong Learning and “a powerhouse for career management”. The department called itself BT Firstcall, to encourage business change managers to call them first. Once the brand personality and visual identity were created, we implemented a program of internal communication supported by a range of different PR content, including films, designed to get the team noticed. Anna Thompson, CEO of BT Firstcall, said we had helped them clarify their band vision and values and “…what these mean when it comes down to brass tacks everyday. Ours was a very big and important vision and we needed their insight and help to communicate a very different image from where we had come from”.


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