BAA Capital Projects

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We were asked to deliver strategic analysis and recommendations for BAA Capital Projects. Essentially this was an Information architecture project.

The objective was to review how the Capital Projects team at BAA manages its operations (building airports) and then create a universally accepted set of standards, which could be arranged for easy access (mostly on-line, but also in print) by BAA & supplier teams.

To accomplish this activity we worked closely with the senior operations team to gather all required insights and review any existing material. Based on our findings we developed a clear and intuitive information architecture, which we based on the OEM (Operational Effectiveness Model) being adopted by BAA Capital Projects at Executive level.

We then briefed a team of editors to gather all the information into two formats;

  1. The Handbook (robust enough to live for 5 years) and
  2. The Guidance (detailed guidance on each main topic area).

This work was key to enable Capital Projects to become a seamless, virtual team living up to its promise of ‘One team: Delivering great airport solutions’.


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