FX7 Solutions update

A quick FX7 Solutions update. This is a long standing client of ours, involved in the IT maintenance and management services of small businesses. Their clients are spread mainly across West London.

This year we are pleased to announce that they renewed (for a fourth year) their commitment to working with Interrelated on a retained basis. For this arrangement we provide general support and advisory services including helping them with the delivery of ongoing marketing deliverables. These have included their office parties, seasonal messages, and the creation of articles for publishing. We have also delivered a regular monthly newsletters for them. And we have been keeping their social media channels regularly updated.

At the start of 2021 we began a new initiative, to focus on improving their use of LinkedIn. This was mainly because, for their target audience, LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the primary interface for relationship building and managing ongoing lead generation and customer engagement. But it requires consistent input, something FX7 Solutions do not have time to give. As a result we now help manage both the FX7 Solutions company page and also the personal page of Jakub Kosiec, their founder.

Today, FX7 Solutions announced that it had also launched its updated website. Having introduced a new company logo, this time last year (very low key), a re-launch of the website has been long overdue. We advised another agency, in a client capacity, on the design process for the new logo. And we also supported their use of intermediary programmers to produce the website, which is built on the WordPress platform.

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