Fronesys gives rise to a new brand

Our long-term client Fronesys gives rise to a new brand called North Star Collective.

Fronesys is a global partnership of associates established to help cities and companies deliver integrated thinking. (We helped develop their website). Their way of working is defined by four values;

  1. Think holistically
  2. Build capital
  3. Value relationships
  4. Co-create together.

North Star Collective represents like minded individuals collaborating for survival against climate change, biodiversity, inequality and pollution. Yes. You read that right. This is a genuinely big idea, supported by some very influential people on a mission.

We were asked to develop an identity for the collective. Something that could initially be applied to the website to assist in disseminating information. Our mainly creative work was delivered earlier this year and you can see samples of the work here.

The key driver for this initiative

Today’s global economic machine is made up of a collection of inter-connected systems (finance, food, energy, transport, manufacturing, government, political systems, national cultures, etc). These are tightly woven together across the globe in a complex and adaptive way, meaning we have limited ability to control it. Take the recent impact of Coronavirus for example. But of greater concern is the fact that our economic machine is now proving to have highly negative, planet-wide impacts. And for this reason we must now find ways to influence its course.

There are thousands of initiatives across the world seeking to drive or accelerate change.

Yet, despite this we are not witnessing a change of direction across the inter-connected systems. There is now an imperative to identify the biggest obstacles holding up desired change, agree the points of failure, and target those parts of the system where our effort may be leveraged in multiple ways. In other words, instead of being at the receiving end of multiple negative tipping points that take us to an undesirable place, we are asking the question;

Can we exploit positive tipping points that move us to a destination we want to go to?

It is North Star Collective’s view that the various initiatives out there right now don’t share a common vision, a common “north star” – if you like. Therefore, their aim is to establish themselves as a collective to;

  • Bring together like minded individuals and businesses who want to influence the development of a global system to allow life to thrive on planet earth.
  • Seek to identify the actions that have the greatest systemic impact, to radically decelerate the current trajectory of global warming, and facilitate the hoped-for changes that many are working on.
  • Enable these actions by bringing together collectives of stakeholders to collaborate in the fight for survival against climate change, biodiversity, inequality and pollution.
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