Footbridge 2014

It is our opinion that brands are the bridges in our world that connect ideas with users to stimulate value for all. In the same way, we are driving a personal project, to connect two communities within Richmond Borough separated by 100m of the River Thames.

To this end, we were invited to present a paper at Footbridge 2014 held at Imperial College in mid-July. Our paper was called; “Genesis of a footbridge from a community perspective” and links to it can be found on our case study page here.

Our presentation on the day was very well received and can be found on Slide Share (here)… Hopefully one more step toward realising the big dream.

Over a period of three days we enjoyed key note sessions from leading practitioners about everything from the latest materials and technologies being adopted in bridge engineering to inspirational case studies and amusing explorations into bridge design – most notably the engineering concerns shared about famous bridges designed for Blockbuster Sci-Fi movies.

IMG_4249 IMG_4248IMG_4268 Footbridge 2014 book cover

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