Do you come from a land downunder?

Do you come from a land-downunder? We don’t. But we were still invited to hear a speech by Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon Steve Ciobo MP. It was titled; “The Case for Free Trade in Uncertain Times” and needless to say it was a lot about their aspirations and their up-coming trade discussions with the U.K. (post 30th March) once we start to leave the EU.

The invitation came direct from the High Commission, he didn’t ask us “Do you come from a land downunder”. So perhaps the invitation came because of the Inward Investment project we completed for Invest Victoria a few years ago.

Given recent sporting events in the news (Steve Smith ball tampering) there was more than one reference to the reputation of the Australian brand on the global stage. Steve’s reply about the Australian psyche on this was along the lines; “The only thing more important than winning is ensuring that fair play has taken place”

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