Content Goals and Roles

Before you develop online messages you need a good understanding of your desired content goals and roles. These might be to increase sales, retain customers, build or re-position your brand, integrate other messages or to engage customers long term. At Interrelated we can help you develop your thinking regarding an online marketing strategy.

It all starts with a clear understanding for your brand promise and the ways this should be lived out. This then informs the content goals and roles that your marketing team choose to produce to help shape the experience your target audience (internal and external) has of your brand.

Remember, in order to thrive in the digital age, you must first formulate and execute a sound digital strategy – one that spans all areas of your business, is embraced at the top of the organisation and recognises that digital often provides a new way of being in business. At Interrelated we can help you address some of the more challenging aspects of digital transformation. Understanding the role of the brand when helping Businesses embrace digital fully – not simply from a technology standpoint or as a new way to market – has repeatedly shown us the benefits are positive, tangible, and impressive.



We developed this Infographic using Picktochart – a really useful website that provides templates to build on – you should try it. Or ask us to help you.


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