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During the summer we were invited to deliver a classic branding project by creating the brand positioning and visual identity, including website wireframe and style guides, for a recruitment company.

The business is called Plan Ahead and has two divisions. One that is dedicated to consulting the contact /call centre operations of large businesses. And the other which is committed to finding the resources required to run and deliver the call centre offering.

When we met the company, owned by Jim Adams and Sadiq, it was a Start-Up business. However, with a number of successful trading months behind them the business has now confidently establishing its reputation in the market place. And so they were ready to implement a classic branding project. Jim recently sent us the following testimonial;

After forming the concept for Plan Ahead Recruitment, we engaged with Mark to help pull together the “Brand and Marketing vision”.

During a structured and fairly rapid process covering approx. 3 months, Mark gently got into our heads and pulled out the key elements that would shape our vision, ethos and ‘what we stand for’ which is still in use today.

The design work was equally as impressive. The ‘black magic’ art of creating a logo was a fun yet loosely structured process. I won’t give away how it was done however Derren Brown, sorry, Mark will make you feel that it is your choice – secretly I think he knew all along which one we would go for!

Whatever the approach, we have a logo and brand that portrays a fresh energised feel, is able to show movement, can adapt to clients and us internally as we grow and take on new areas of the business – Plan Ahead Technology being the next one – and ultimately a brand that we love.

Would I have gone through the brand process with Mark if I had a chance to start over? Unquestionably, however I have a feeling he may have implanted that in my head. I think it must be the beard…..

Jim Adams
Managing Director ‘Plan Ahead Group’

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