Brexit Exit

For a while it seemed Brexit was slowing the marketplace down in 2019. And certainly some of our clients did suggest that their budgets had been severely affected by the uncertainties created by political indecision. “We just want to get Brexit done and behind us…” seemed to be the majority perspective.

Now it seems, perhaps with the promise of an election and possible political movement, business is looking to make up for lost ground during the year.

Over the past 2-3 months Interrelated has picked up various new clients along with some interesting new project work. We are also pleased to note that existing clients on retainers have started to renew these for 2020, with some increasing their spend with us.

IDE have also released some fresh budget, effective immediately. This is for us to work with them on the brand naming and visual identity of their new SMART Distribution (Distro) product; A new digital initiative, representing an important innovation within their marketplace. Obviously Interrelated is delighted to help IDE once again break through important marketing frontiers for their business.

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