Brand as an agent of change

Are you familiar with Brand as an agent of change? Are you continuously fire-fighting? Do you have sleepless nights when customers change purchasing habits? What do you think is happening to the economy? Is recovery underway or is it possible that we are still in decline? How can your brand help you to navigate through the changes being forced on your business in this economic climate?

Becoming a company that inspires and guides consistent behaviour and performance.

It does not make sense to allow your business to be at the mercy of change. Like bobbing around in the sea, at the mercy of the winds and tides. It only makes sense to be properly prepared so that you can be the master of change.

This is where your brand comes in.

It can provide a solid foundation, a buoyancy aid to keep you afloat when the winds of change blow. Provided you continually invest in brand management, your business will be able to anticipate and ready itself for change before it takes affect.

A wise business is constantly monitoring its world

Knowing precisely what its audiences need, what trends may affect market conditions and how well it is perceived to be performing against its competitors. The brand manager will anticipate how these insights may adversely affect trading and will explore options to minimise risk. These may include;

  • Repositioning campaigns or evolving individual value propositions so that they deliver more effective and relevant messages.
  • Rethinking the strategies and tactics governing the way products and services are packaged, bundled or even manufactured.
  • Innovating with completely new offers; perhaps an evolution based on the existing or something more revolutionary, based on new ideas formed out of effective research.

The brand should be seen as a really effective tool for driving change.

All stakeholders (and by this we mean employees, suppliers, shareholders, institutions and the wider community) will sit up and take notice when a major change to the outward message is made. It helps to communicate any change in the business vision and ensures people take notice when a new product or service is launched.

One might argue that using the brand as an agent of change makes good economic sense too. After all if, as stated above, we accept the business needs to invest in continuous brand management then the expenditure simply form part of the pre-agreed budgets.

Remember, your brand represents an idea (a story) in the mind of your various audiences and it is therefore important to continuously manage the way that story is being told.

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