Bowel Cancer clinical trial

A clinical researcher invited Mark to attend a focus group in London (at Bowel Cancer UK offices) on 26 February. The researchers wanted to discuss plans for a Bowel Cancer clinical trial. The trial is intended for people who have had a recurrence of cancer in the pelvis (following rectal cancer). This bowel cancer clinical trial was at the very early stages of designing and Bowel Cancer UK were keen to gather expert input. This input would help ensure the trial is patient oriented. Mark was one of several helping ensure the value proposition of this trial would achieve its objectives.

On the day, the lead researcher discussed a little about the planned trial and what has previously been measured as an endpoint in such trials. This included; The facts on symptoms, treatments and current standards; What priority should be placed on different aspects of rectal recurrence? An introduction to the proposed trial and basic recruiting ideas underpinned by proposition thoughts on how to make this attractive to patients interested in entering.

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