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About Me: I make branding simple to understand and execute. I can help you turn your brand into a real business asset.

My name is Mark Wing and I am the founder of Interrelated, an umbrella brand for the creation of brands and managing brand experiences.

When I first started to work as an independent brand strategy consultant I decided to call my business; Marque Wing. I thought I was being really clever here. [To begin with I was promoting myself. My name. A Marque is another word for Brand. I’m fortunate to have the name Wing. And I like to think (a bit like Red Bull) that my work can give brands wings, so that they fly above their competition.] If you run a search on MarqueWing you should find lots of my past activities… I changed the name of my business to Interrelated in 2010. However I do still own the MarqueWing name. I was an early adopter of Twitter @markwing and also own @marquewing. I was also an early adopter of Instagram and continue to share images of inspiration (created and found) there @marquewing. I also own the url www.marquewing.co.uk which nowadays is linked to my Instagram page.

I am a Strategic Marketing and Brand Consultant. I have a demonstrated history of working in the brand, marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in brand Strategy, planning, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Architecture. Strong international consulting professional.

In 2014/15 I attended the Squared online course for Digital Leaders. During this course I made an interesting film ‘About Me’, as an exercise for online exposure. It can now be found on my IGTV channel here.

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