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This work for IDE represents a great example of how Interrelated can help its clients grow ‘Strength in Image and Culture’.

Every businesses should look and sound different, to make it stand out. And good branding does this job for you. But it must be based on something – the real you – A good brand is good for business. Clear, strong and distinct, it should work for you. Building a distinct presence in the marketplace.

While developing IDE’s new brand, we did a thorough review into the business and its future as a key player in the temporary power distribution space. How are our services positioned in the market, compared to competitors? What do clients think of us? What are our values, and what makes us different?

Our strategic work explored everything from vision and values to delivering culture change. All this led us to a message to provide a core, or essence, for the new brand: ‘Pushing distribution centre stage’.

This message will drive everything IDE do and say from now on. And thus has informed the way Interrelated chose to redesign of all touch points, both physical and online.

Read about the IDE new brand launch here.

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